Dog Boots: Everything You Need To Know

There are so many dog boots available on the market today that it can become quite challenging to find the perfect pair for your dog. Not only do we need to factor in the size of your dog's paws, but we also need to pay close attention to the seasons to determine the best type of boot to buy. Where we live plays a vital role in how we protect our dogs.

Many people deem it silly to dress their dogs in winter clothing; however, dogs feel the seasons just as we do. Yes, they may be more resistant to certain climates based on how thick their coat is and the type of breed they are, but they still require some protection.

Many chemicals can be found outdoors throughout the seasons; these chemicals can be picked up on your dog's paws, that they will eventually come home to lick. So when you're dog is wearing boots, not only are you protecting them from the hot or cold climates but also the chemical compounds found outdoors.

Benefits Of Using Dog Boots

  • Protection against chemical burns
  • Keeping paws clean
  • Keeping paws dry and warm
  • Protecting against hot/cold surfaces
  • Protecting against rocks and rough terrain
  • Traction on slippery/bumpy surfaces
  • Boots help with injuries/arthritis by offering leg stability
  • They look super cute on a pups feet! 

How To Select The Best Boot For Your Dog

When selecting the perfect style of boot for your dog, you'll want to factor in the climate of where you live. Does it rain often? Snow? Do you take your dog hiking? Will they be walking on hot or cold surfaces? Does your dog require weather-resistant paw protection? Insulated boots? Traction grips? Although there are a lot of questions factor in, they are crucial when making your decision.

Once you've determined the climate conditions of your city, and the type of terrain your area offers, you should have an idea of which boot style best suits your dog.

Different Styles Of Dog Boots

Everyday Use Boots

Everyday boots are useful for wet weather and hot surfaces. They protect against moisture and offer sturdy traction on slippery surfaces. They are water-resistant and can also protect against chemicals found on outdoor surfaces such as anti-freeze in the colder months and weed killer chemicals in the summer.

Winter Protection Boots

Winter boots are essential for the harsher climates. They provide necessary traction for snow and ice but are also insulated to provide warmth. Winter boots are also waterproof with a reliable rubber grip out-sole to prevent slipping. They protect against cold surfaces and any chemicals that may be found on the ground, such as anti-freeze and salt. Great for longer outdoor walks in the winter months.

All-Terrain Boots

All-terrain boots are great for long walks or hikes in warmer climates; they also protect against hot surfaces. They are thinner than winter boots but offer a more flexible wear. Especially great for safeguarding against muddy/dirt surfaces.

Rain Boots

Rain boots are typically only used when it's raining and offer minimal support/traction. A popular form is the rubber balloon style boot that slips on and off to keep your dog's paws clean when coming back into the house.

Fashion Statement Boots

Some dogs are put in boots to match an outfit, or to set a fashion trend. Some owners also like having brand name boots. However, some fashion brands do make high-quality outdoor boots as well.

Dog Socks

If your dog slips and slides on tiled or wooden surfaces around your home, traction socks are a great idea. They slip on and have rubber grips on the bottom of the sole. They are not meant to be worn outside.

What Type Of Dog Boot To Buy

If your dog is a good walker in boots (which is rare at first), you can buy them season-specific boots if you prefer. Different pairs for different seasons!

If your dog has trouble walking in boots or tolerating them, you'll want to stick to one specific pair that they can wear in all conditions. The goal is to have them feel comfortable in boots, and having one particular pair will be beneficial.

Wellies All-Season Boots

How Should Dog Boots Fit?

Dog boots should fit their paws the way shoes would fit your feet. You want the entire base of the boot to fit their paw comfortably without having too much extra room at the toe, or having it too tight that their nails touch or curl.

Boots should fit tight enough up their leg that they don't fall off or come loose, but not too tight that they cut off circulation. If your dog is feeling discomfort, they will show you. They will do this by biting at the boots or trying to remove them on their own.

How To Size Dog Boots

To learn how to properly size your dog for boots. Check out the helpful video below:

How To Get Your Dog Used To Dog Boots

If you've put boots on your dog for the first time, it will look as though they are just starting to discover their legs. They may hop, walk on two or three paw at a time, or even gallop. Although quite hilarious, it's just them getting used to having extra weight and padding attached to their paws.

My technique of choice is to let them get used to one boot at a time. I generally start with a front paw, let them walk around on it until they're walking normally, and then add a boot to a hind paw and repeat until they are walking comfortably on all fours.

Don't put boots on for the first time and expect to take your dog for a walk. Let them practice beforehand. 

Dog Boots Rocky

Rocky getting used to his Wellies

Where To Purchase

Boots can be purchased from Amazon or other online pet retailerhttp://amazon.cas, but can also be found in the majority of pet stores.

If you are buying them in person, it would be beneficial to bring your dog to the store with you. Boots can have quite an odd fit, and many manufacturers differ in sizing, so having your dog present will enable you to find the perfect fit.

Check out the below link to browse all of the boots available on Amazon.

Price Ranges

Dog boots can range from $5 to upwards of $60. It all depends on make, model, and size. But don't forget, you pay for what you get. Do your research and find a boot that suits your dog's needs and meets the criteria we listed above.

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