NutriCanine Gently Cooked Meals Review

NutriCanine is a subscription-based dog food company in Toronto, specializing in tailored meals to suit your dog's needs. They offer raw and gently cooked meals, incorporating high-quality ingredients. Their meals are formulated by pet nutritionists and they offer 4 gently cooked premium protein blends.

I previously reviewed NutriCanine's raw dog food and since, they have introduced their new line of gently cooked meals. Rocky has been fortunate enough to sample the chicken meal and I thought it would be fitting to write an entirely new review on this product and his experience with it.

What I find most impressive about NutriCanine are the measures they take to ensure their food adheres to regulatory standards, while maintaining a high-quality product full of nutrition and free from hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. Every three months NutriCanine does batch testing on their meals and gets a full analysis from SGS, the global leader in food analysis. This is done to ensure the integrity of their product. I can't say enough about NutriCanine and the measures they take to provide quality meals for our beloved pets.

Product Description

A gently cooked subscription-based meal plan for your dog, offering four choices of meat; chicken, turkey, beef and lamb.

The meal plans are tailored to your dog based on their age, weight, breed and known illnesses/allergies.

If your pet has specific allergies or health conditions, NutriCanine will work with your veterinarian to determine the best suitable meals for your dog.

Subscription Information

Nutricanine gently cooked meals offer the same subscription service as their raw product. It's an auto-renewing subscription with no long-term commitment, allowing you to modify, pause or cancel at any time.

You have the option to select which of the four recipes you want to include in your order and they will ship 14 meals every 2 weeks.

NutriCanine Gently Cooked Meals

NutriCanine offers four customized recipes that were created by a dog food formulation specialist. They are chalked full of nutrition and offer an array of health benefits superior to many dog foods on the market. Click here to take a more in-depth look at their meals. 

Available Meals:

Chicken Recipe

The chicken recipe is comprised of whole chicken (ground), chicken liver, butternut squash, broccoli, mixed berries, coconut oil and parsley.

Protein 11% min
Fat 2% min
Moisture 79% max
Calorie Content 91 kcal/100g

NutriCanine Gently Cooked Chicken

Turkey Recipe

The turkey recipe is comprised of whole turkey (ground), potato, butternut squash, chicken liver, carrots, kale, mixed berries, chicken Fat and parsley.

Protein 16% min
Fat 7% min
Moisture 74% max
Calorie Content 135 kcal/100g

NutriCanine Gently Cooked Turkey

Beef Recipe

The beef recipe is comprised of beef (ground), rice, butternut squash, beef liver, carrots, broccoli, mixed berries and parsley.

Protein 11% min
Fat 7% min
Moisture 71% max
Calorie Content 152 kcal/100g

NutriCanine Gently Cooked Beef

Lamb Recipe

The lamb recipe is comprised of lamb (ground), rice, butternut squash, beef liver, carrots, green beans, mixed berries and parsley.

Protein 8% min
Fat 14% min
Moisture 62% max
Calorie Content 195 kcal/100g

NutriCanine Gently Cooked Lamb

How Are They Packaged?

The NutriCanine gently cooked meals come pre-portioned and frozen, mailed to you in thermally insulated packaging.

The packaging indicates the recipe, instructions, ingredients and a very special stamp; Ontario Approved. This means that each item has an Ontario provincially inspected legend on it. There are very few brands in Ontario that offer this, NutriCanine is also the only company that has this for raw food. They are currently the only brand in Ontario making "human-consumable" or "human-edible" raw dog food; it would just have to be heated like any raw meat product.


Getting Your Meals

NutriCanine offers free shipping Ontario-wide. 14 meals get delivered every two weeks.

Since the order comes in thermally insulated packaging with added ice packs, you don't even need to be home. And with Covid being an issue in the present day, contactless delivery is an added bonus! Your order will be left on your doorstep or with your concierge should you reside in a condo.

What I loved most about receiving my order was the up-to-date text notifications letting me know that my package was in transit. I was given updates every step of the way, up to when it was placed on my porch.

Product Quality

In my first review, I wrote that NutriCanine is "probably" the highest standard for raw foods I've seen on the market. After experiencing their product first hand, I can confirm that they are the highest standard for both raw and gently cooked meals.

Since NutriCanine controls their entire supply chain by raising their meats, they are able to provide an ethically sourced product that is free from hormones, antibiotics and preservatives; using only natural colours and flavours as well. 

Their meals are entirely produced and packaged in-house and then delivered straight to your door. Each meal is flash-frozen to retain freshness and is very quick to unthaw when it's mealtime. If you have any questions about their product I urge you to email them -- You will be impressed by the vast response and transparency they offer; it's a rarity. 

Their reasoning for taking such strict measures regarding their product is to ensure that every meal adheres to their strict standards on animal welfare, environmental protection and the safe handling of meals.


The cost of your order is based entirely on the weight of your dog and the amount of calories they need to consume daily. Requiring a customized diet as opposed to the standard meal plan will also increase the cost. To get a better idea of what your dog's meal plan would total, click here to take their questionnaire.

Rocky's ideal weight is 11lbs and putting him on the standard diet works out to roughly $8.32 per day; eating 438 calories per day. This works out to $116.48 bi-weekly which is a very competitive price in comparison to other gently cooked dog foods on the market. And it's especially great knowing you are feeding your dog the best quality food available.

So while you may be spending a bit more on their dietary habits, you'll be saving a lot more on vet bills throughout the years. I can certainly attest to that. 

Customer Service

Their customer service team is very responsive and happy to provide you with any extra information you don't already have; they are also available 24/7. Reach out to them if you need a custom meal plan, or have any related questions. You can contact them directly on Facebook, by emailing, or calling them directly at (416) 726-1311.

Notable Information

NutriCanine offers a return program that allows you to leave out your old recyclable boxes, and they will reintegrate them into their logistic chain. As long as they have access to your door, they will pick up the boxes, and the insulation/ice packs they come with. -- Very environmentally friendly! 

- When Covid-19 first impacted the factory farming industry and limited the supply of raw dog food, NutriCanine wasn't impacted because they aren't tied to any industrial farming practices. They care for the health of your dog and the humane treatment of the animals they raise.

NutriCanine cares about your well-being as well as your pets. In March, when Covid-19 took hold and the economy began shutting down, they donated 1,000 lbs of dog food to vulnerable and immunocompromised members of the community, as well as those who were impacted financially by the outbreak.

- Every new customer will be sent a pdf document that outlines how to properly transition your dog to raw. The pdf also outlines the expectations of a raw diet, benefits of rotational feeding, health and safety tips and how they partake in keeping a greener and healthier planet. This booklet details everything you'll need to know when you start your NutriCanine meal plan. 


For your FIRST order, I am happy to provide a 50% off coupon exclusive to Rockys Journal. Use coupon code RockysJournal50 to get 50% off of your first meal subscription order.

*Note that it can only be used one time, only on your first purchase.


Any questions you may have can likely be found on their website in the FAQ section or in the booklet they send you upon your first order. If you have a question that hasn't been answered, email their support team directly.

Overall Opinion

Highly Recommended and Rocky Approved!

I can't say enough about NutriCanine and their products. They seem to be an answered prayer for the dog food industry and I only wish there were more honest and transparent companies alike.

If you've read through this site or previous posts you've probably gathered that Rocky is special needs and has a ton of dietary restrictions. Up until recently, he hasn't been able to try any NutriCanine products, I've only been able to research the company as a whole. Having come out with a great line of gently cooked meals, Rocky was finally able to try one of the meals! After looking into the gently cooked nutritional stats for each meal, I found that the chicken recipe is only 2.44% fat which is tolerable for Rocky's GI issues. To say he loved the taste would be an understatement. He ate his entire meal in record timing.


Does your dog eat NutriCanine gently cooked dog meals? Are you considering switching to NutriCanine? Leave your feedback below. We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences! 

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