About Rocky

Fast Facts:

  • Full Name: Mr. Rocky Balboa
  • Breed: Yorkie-Poo
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthday: September 5, 2009 
  • Nickname(s): Rocky, Rock, Monkey, Buddy
  • Favourite Toy: Lamb Chop
  • Favourite "Non-Toy": Any human shoe or slipper
  • Best Friend: Cali (Calico Cat) 

The Motivation Behind This Site
- Mr. Rocky Balboa -

Rocky is such a genuine soul. He loves people and other animals, the excitement he exudes when he encounters someone familiar or new is a testament to that. He loves play time as much as he loves cuddles. He loves sleeping under warm blankets at bedtime and sprawling out on the couch for naps. He knows how to play us humans as a fiddle when he wants something; food, to be played with, or just a need for attention. He is never aggressive and is very well behaved. He is loving and loyal beyond words can say.

Rocky was born with a congenital liver disease that has thus far been the least of his health problems. Since birth, together, we have tackled liver shunts, gastritis; causing intestinal ulcers, two spinal surgeries, and a tick bite. I am not one for allowing a dog to suffer, but throughout all of Rocky's discovered ailments, his veterinarian advised me that he wouldn't ever suffer, should we apply the correct treatments. I would do anything for the little guy, so, of course, I went ahead with any and all recommended procedures.

Jan 2018: It's been two years since Rocky's spinal surgery, and three years since he's been on Omeprazole for his ulcers, he is in such great spirits! I can absolutely say that Rocky lives up to the big name he's been given. He is the toughest fighter I know and the love of my life.

April 2018: Rocky has been tested for and diagnosed with Addison's Disease and although the battle has been tough, he is happy and healthy and so very full of life. However, just a little bloated from the steroids, aka a pred-belly.

The diagnosis was extremely hard to reach, as he was tested for Addison's back in 2014 and his results came back negative. Over a couple of weeks his appetite slowly began to decrease. His vet chalked it up to old age, and home we went. Very soon after, he started to develop small tremors, vomiting, and diarrhea. Still unable to diagnose the disease, home he went. Very suddenly Rocky refused to eat or drink anything, his body was in decay and he was declining rapidly. After rushing him to the animal hospital, they were finally able to diagnose him. He spent 4 days in hospital hooked up to an IV. Once diagnosed they were able to get nutrients and the proper medication into his system. Within a week, Rocky was back to himself. Despite the challenges of monitoring this illness, Rocky is at his best. Always happy and playful, with a ravenous appetite. 

November 2019: Due to the prednisone Rocky was prescribed for Addison's, he has since developed acute pancreatitis. This has been very manageable. His pancreatic attacks seem to fall in line with his Addison lows. So as long as his Addison's is managed, his pancreatitis is as well.


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