Canada Pooch Review: Summit Stretch Vest

Canada Pooch is a fashionable, high-quality Canadian clothing and accessory line for dogs, with some matching options for humans as well.

On their website, you will find an array of products that your dog (more likely, you) will love. Trendy styles and colours will have you filling your carts in the blink of an eye; I speak from experience.

Although I love everything Canada Pooch produces and want to review it all, this review will be focusing on the Canada Pooch Summit Stretch Vest for Dogs, one of their more popular items.

Product Details

  • The puffer vest is visually appealing and incredibly practical from a seasonal aspect.

  • It's a vest, so sleeves don't restrict the dog's legs, and it's long enough to cover a dog's entire back; to protect from harsh weather.

  • The vest is fastened together by buttons around the neck and midsection. They clasp together the topcoat and the stretch panel, which offers an adjustable fit and entirely covers the dog's chest.

  • The top of the coat has a tiny pocket that, in my opinion, seems more fashionable than practical, but I suppose you could stuff a poop bag or two in there. I do, however, enjoy the way it makes the coat look.

  • There is a small hole just under the neck line that allows you to easily connect your dog's harness or collar.

  • The vest is physically very light but still extremely snug and warm.
Canada Pooch Vest
Canada Pooch Vest
Canada Pooch Vest
Canada Pooch Vest
Canada Pooch Vest


The shell, filling and lining is 100% polyester. The rib is 98% polyester and 2% spandex.

The exterior shell of the vest is water-resistant, with a soft fleece lining on the inside. The vest uses faux-down insulation to keep your dog warm in the coldest climates.

The chest piece of this vest is partially spandex, which is especially great for broad-chested dogs.

Quality Of The Product

Unbeatable. Considering this is a dog's jacket, the quality is better than some of the jackets I've previously owned for myself. It washes well without wear or damage, and holds up over time. Rocky has been wearing this jacket daily during the winter months for just over a year now, and it looks just as it did the day I bought it.

Size Guide

Canada Pooch sizing differs from other pet clothing companies; they provide a more practical approach to sizing as opposed to the more traditional S, M, L sizes. Their size guide will offer a more accurate fit, as they incorporate the dog's back length and chest girth into the measurement. Their sizing is by number, not letter, starting at 10 and going up to 28.

On their website, and on every product page, you will find a size guide that shows you exactly how to measure your dog, and you'll have the option to convert from inches to centimeters to find your perfect fit. They also offer sizing suggestions based on breed.

The below sizing chart is taken directly from their website.

CP Size Guide

Colour Options

CP Vest colours

Black camo (Rocky's vest of choice), Orange camo, grey pepper, plum, and red.


The Summit Stretch Vest retails for $48CAD before tax.

Where To Buy

You can purchase the Summit Stretch Vest, as well as other Canada Pooch products online or in-store. Canada Pooch is sold in many pet stores across Canada and the USA. To find out if there are any retailers in your area, visit their store locator page.

Shipping Information For Online Purchases

Canada Pooch offers free shipping on orders over $60. A flat rate shipping fee of $5.99 is added to any order below $60.

They currently ship within Canada and the continental United States. They do not currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Washing Instructions

As per the garment label, you should spot clean any dirt or machine wash inside out on a gentle cycle using cold water. Hang dry the vest and do not iron or machine dry.

Returns & Exchanges

If you have purchased your item at a pet store, that particular store will have its own policy in effect.

If you purchased an item directly through their website, returns or exchanges must be made within 15 days of purchase. You can submit your claim here.

Overall Opinion

Highly Recommended and Rocky Approved!

I love, love, love this product! The puffer vest is hands down the cutest thing I've ever dressed Rocky in, but it also keeps him incredibly warm in the winter. Without a coat, he will run outside, do his business, and bolt back in. When he has his vest on, he knows it's time to diddle daddle - he will spend more time outside and take his sweet time on walks.

The stretch panel on the chest is nothing short of a blessing. I purchased the vest when Rocky was a little thicker in the mid-section due to a pancreatitis flare-up, it was really snug on him as he was in-between sizes. After losing 4 lbs on a lightly-cooked diet, his vest fits perfectly now. I wouldn't dream of taking him outside in the winter without it.

Stay tuned for our review on the Everything Harness; another gem from Canada Pooch.

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