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Just as the human population seeks healthy food alternatives for our style of living, more and more, pet owners are starting to seek the same quality of food for their pets. The vast majority of us eat protein-rich foods, healthy fruits and vegetables, and try to cut out any foods that would be hazardous to our health.

The $26 billion pet food industry has been questionable for decades. Many pet foods on the market are loaded with cornstarch, animal bi-product, fillers, and artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Does that sound like a meal you'd like to eat? No, didn't think so. So why do we allow it for our pets?

Discovering Open Farm has become such a breath of fresh air. By reading through their ingredient lists, you can see just how much they genuinely care about the well-being of animals, and not just the ones they are feeding; their meats are 'certified humane.' Open Farm's honesty and ethics are shaping the industry for the better and making pet owners aware that we need to put more consideration into what we feed our pets. The quality of their product is challenging those brands who are producing pet food solely for the money. Well done Open Farm!

Now Let's Discuss What Their Product Has To Offer!

Open Farm

The Integrity Of The Brand

Open Farm is a family business based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; founded in 2013.

They pride themselves on the quality of meats and ingredients they use to produce their brand of dog food. Open Farm cares about the treatment of animals being farmed and align their company with those who feel the same. They set the bar on the quality of protein used, as well as fruits and vegetables, which are all locally farmed.

Another positive aspect of this company is their concern for the environment. 95% of dog food bags are not recyclable, but Open Farm has created a free recycling program for Open Farm pet food packaging. They have partnered with TerraCycle to provide free recycling services for your bag of food. The bags are converted into brand new products as opposed to burying them in a landfill. Click below for more information on how to help the planet one bag of food at a time: 

Quality Of The Product

Unbeatable. This is a top-notch dog food that will completely change the shape of the industry and the health of your pet. They use:

  •  Humanely treated animals that are raised naturally on a vegetarian diet without any antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • The food is 100% grain free, and they make sure to stay away from unhealthy fillers.
  • Animal byproducts are prohibited.
  • The fish is ocean caught, never farmed, and seasonally sourced from Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise approved fisheries.
  • The foods are incredibly nutritious and vitamin-rich.
  • Their recipes include generous portions of nutritious coconut and fish oils and are free of artificial preservatives, flavours, and colours.
  • Formulated for all life stages.

And the health benefits don't end there. To view the full list of benefits, be sure to check out their website by clicking below:

The Products:

This ever expanding company is now offering dry food, freeze dried raw, wet food, gently cooked meals, bone broths, Kefir, and treats.

Below are the flavours they come in. For more information on each recipe, click here.

Dry Food

Homestead Turkey & Chicken


Farmer's Table Pork 

Wild-Caught Salmon

Pasture-Raised Lamb

Grass-Fed Beef

Puppy Dry Dog Food

Senior Dry Dog Food

Homestead Turkey & Ancient Grains

Harvest Chicken & Ancient Grains

Wild-Caught Salmon & Ancient Grains

Pasture-Raised Lamb & Ancient Grains 

Wet Food

Wild-Caught Salmon

Herring & Mackerel 

Chicken & Salmon

Grass-Fed Beef

Harvest Chicken

Homestead Turkey

Freeze Dried Raw Food

Grass-Fed Beef 

Homestead Turkey

Harvest Chicken

Surf & Turf

Farmers Table Pork

Pasture-Raised Lamb

Gently Cooked Meals

Homestead Turkey

Grass-Fed Beef

Harvest Chicken

Surf & Turf

Dehydrated Treats:

Cod Skins






Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

Harvest Chicken Bone Broth

Homestead Turkey Bone Broth

Raw Organic Grass-Fed Kefir

Rotational Feeding Options

Many pet owners feed their dogs rotationally. Rotational feeding is a dietary alternative that gives your pet a variety of food options but also keeps their immune and digestive system healthy. It's a way to incorporate different proteins and nutrients into their system and can even help ward off allergies or food intolerance's caused by consuming the same food daily. By setting a quality standard for their brand and having a healthy macronutrient ratio of roughly 30% protein and 14% fats in each bag of kibble, Open Farm is safe on a dogs stomach, making rotational feeding a breeze. 

What Is "Certified Humane?"

Humane farming is the protection and well-being of farmed animals from birth to slaughter. If a product is "Certified Humane," you'll know it meets the following standards:

  • No cages or crates.
  • Animals Receive adequate sleep.
  • Debeaking and tail snipping is prohibited.
  • Hormones and antibiotics to promote faster growth is forbidden.
  • Animals are fed a natural and healthy diet.
  • Animals are offered well-ventilated shelter that protects from unpredictable weather.
  • Animals live a healthy and stress-free life.

And much more...

For a more in depth guideline of Humanely Certified Meats, click below:

Lookup Code

How cool is it that you can take the lot code on the back of your bag and look up where each specific ingredient in your batch of food came from?! Am I the only one geeking out about this?

Open Farm certainly has nothing to hide! Now that's what I call being proud of your brand! A true and honest company if I do say so myself! 

Take a look at the screenshots below to see where the ingredients of Rocky's bag came from:

open farm lot code

Not Sure Where To Find Open Farm? Problem Solved:

You can purchase Open Farm pet food and treats directly from their website and in many local retailers.

Added Perks

  • Open Farm offers an auto-ship system that will deliver food to your door as per your standards. All you need to do is select your bag size, recipe preference, shipping frequency, and voila!
  • They also offer a frequent buyer program. For every 12 bags you purchase, you will receive one free!
  • Open Farm offers dehydrated treats made with the same quality standard as their food.

Overall Opinion

Highly Recommended and Rocky Approved!

This product has it all! Appealing packaging and marketing to back up the top-notch product they put on the shelves. I am so overwhelmingly satisfied giving my dog this brand of food. Since making the switch to Open Farm, Rocky has been having regular stools, his coat is fuller, breath is better, he has more energy, his appetite is satisfied longer, he is not vomiting (as explained below), and overall, he seems healthier. I have since purchased a bag of each flavor and have begun rotational feeding.

** 2020  Update ** After being diagnosed with pancreatitis, Rocky has been switched to a gently cooked, low fat diet that has done wonders for his health. We still stand by the quality of Open Farm and the transparency this company offers. Now that they offer gently cooked meals, perhaps they will eventually incorporate special blends for dogs with GI issues. Fingers crossed!! 

Rocky Open Farm

Rocky's History With Food And How I Discovered Open Farm

Rocky has been on a medicated diet (Z/D by Hills) for the past five years. He was put on that specific diet due to digestive upset which lead to chronic vomiting. I was never fond of his food, and in fact, wanted to switch his diet many times. But, his Gastroenterologist recommended this food and it seemed to be helping with his stomach issues so I let it be. However, the ingredient list was always a deep concern of mine: "Corn Starch, Hydrolyzed Chicken Liver, Powdered Cellulose, Soybean Oil" being the first four ingredients on the packaging. The ingredients as a whole were off-putting, but who am I to question a veterinary specialist? After all, his condition was getting better and the vomiting stopped.

Up until recently, Rocky stopped tolerating the Z/D food. The vomiting grew constant once again, and for the first time in his life, he refused food. I tried adding water to it, hand feeding him, crushing his kibble, mixing in treats... Nothing. He declined it every way I offered it. So back to the hospital we went. 

After receiving a normal blood panel and a clean ultrasound, his Dr. suggested that we try a new food to see if he still has an appetite. All of his levels were normal so for the first time in over five years; he was clear to try a new brand of food; my pick!

Bring on Open Farm!

So naturally, I went into a well-known pet store and spent nearly an hour reading the back of every dog food label I could find. When I came across Open Farm, I was blown away by how clean the ingredients were. FINALLY! A dog food I want to feed my dog! I brought home a sample for Rocky to try and before I could put the bowl down, he was inhaling it. My dog has an appetite again! Now, will he keep it down? His stomach has always had issues with certain foods, so will this high-quality product be the problem solver for us? It was. Not only was he excited to eat again, but he was keeping his food down, staying fuller longer, and having normal stools. On the Z/D diet, Rocky regularly had diarrhea and was ALWAYS hungry.

The quality of food that we put into our bodies will predict our overall health, and the same goes for our pets. Do your research. 

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Sources: Open Farm & Certified Humane.

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