Celebrating Christmas With Your Dog

We often associate the holidays with warmth, cheer, and our families near. Our fur babies play a significant role in our family life, so of course, we want to include them in our festivities. Unfortunately, our dog's don't understand the meaning of the holiday, nor the displays and traditions that go along with it. So how do we make the moments special for them as well? We include them in our activities, and start new traditions with them in mind.

Here are some suggestions on how you can incorporate your furry pal into your Christmas festivities:

Pictures With Santa

christmas mall

Many mall Santa services will host a one or two-night pet photo opportunity throughout the month of December. My local mall, in particular, was taking reservations by early November. Once the mall shuts down for the night on a Sunday evening, they welcome in pets and pet parents for a photo opportunity; also a great way to festively socialize your dog. What's cuter than a group of dogs dressed in ugly Christmas sweaters, playing in the mall? ...Okay, so it was actually kind of chaotic, but Rocky loved it!

If your local mall isn't hosting pet photos, be sure to check out your local Humane Society, Petco, Pet Valu, or Petsmart; you'll be sure to luck out there!

‚ÄčA Festive Outing

If your dog enjoys car rides, why not take a drive around your neighborhood to view all of the pretty lights and decorations on display. If your dog isn't a fan of car rides, take him/her for a stroll around the block. Just don't let them get too close to the decorations... We all know how fond our dogs are of marking their territory on something new.

If you decorate a live tree each year, why not bring your dog along with you when picking out the perfect one. It would be nice to include them in the experience. 

Baking Christmas Treats

Who doesn't love receiving and eating baked goods throughout the holidays? If your dog is anything like mine, he goes absolutely mental for treats; just the word alone sends him into a frenzy. So why not spend a bit of time making your dog a special treat for them to enjoy?

Try making something they don't usually get, a treat they can associate with the holiday season. This would be a great tradition to start! Just make sure that whatever you're baking is dog-friendly and won't upset their stomach. Don't know where to start? My suggestion is this dog-specific gingerbread recipe.

Presents And Stockings!

I'm not sure I've ever encountered a dog who doesn't love receiving treats or toys, so why not purchase a few items you can wrap up for your pooch this Christmas?

For birthdays and holidays I like to stock up on essentials my dog may need, such as food, treats, toothpaste, eye wipes, etc... I'll also purchase a more significant item to wrap; a new bed, a sweater, feeding bowls, etc... Be sure to add a toy or treats into their stocking or gift wrap for the added excitement.

A Very Merry Outfit

Not all dogs like to wear sweaters, but for the ones who do, your options are endless! Christmas sweaters and outfits are growing more popular each season, they can be found online or at any branded pet store. They certainly make for great seasonal pictures! 

Rocky Christmas

...I'm not sure he's feeling this one.

Holiday Movie Fest

Many people get into the holiday spirit by curling up on the couch and embracing the phenomenon that is 'Christmas Movies!' Why not let your furry pal curl up with you and join in on the fun. It's a great way to bond and share the warmth of the holidays with your pup.

Starting New Traditions

Christmas Ornament

Starting traditions with your dog is a sweet way to include them in the holiday festivities. Some take annual Santa photos, bake holiday treats, arrange for a yearly family photo with your dog included, bring them tree shopping, make an ornament for your tree each year, etc...

Get creative and start something new! It will make for a happier holiday season for both you and your dog! 

Merry Christmas!

xoxo Rocky

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