Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

It's your dog's birthday! Now what? CELEBRATE!

Naturally, we give our dog's love each day of the year. We surprise them with treats and toys when they are deserving, take them for their daily walks, trips to the dog park, as well as play and cuddle time. However, there is still that one special day each year that we should take the time to recognize how loved they are and how much joy and enrichment they bring to our lives. On their birthday we should take the time to go a bit further and make sure they know that this day is unlike every other day, this day we celebrate them.

August 1st is recognized as the universal birth date for shelter dogs, so for those of you who have rescued and don't know your dog's exact date of birth, consider using August 1st or the date of adoption to celebrate. Every pet deserves to be spoiled and celebrated in an over the top fashion that one special day each year!

Read below for some tips on how to make your dog's birthday extra special for both you and them!

Throw A Party And Invite All Of Their Friends

Dog Celebrating Birthday

Do your friends or family members have dogs? If so, why not throw a fun little get together. Whether it be at your house or a local park, having other pups and their favourite humans around will bring them lots of joy and excitement on their special day. And if you're one of "those" pet moms like I am, you can prepare little goodie bags for the other dogs to take home. Have treats, water, and toys on hand for all to play with, you can even purchase or make an edible dog cake or birthday cookies for everyone to enjoy.

Spend Time Doing What They Love

Take time out of your day to spoil them with activity. If your dog gets excited by walks, a trip to the dog park, a ride in the car, or spending time outdoors; give them that! Do the things that they love to do and watch the happiness it brings them. What better way to spend their day?

Give Them Lots Of Attention

Birthday toys

Today is your dog's special day, so make sure they know it! Play with them until they tire, pet them every chance you can, give hugs and kisses, treats and praise; spoil them with love, affection, and attention. 

Let them dig into the toybox to play with any and all toys if they choose. If your dog is anything like Rocky, they will end up with quite the collection surrounding them.

Act Extra Excited Throughout The Day

Your dog may not understand your language, but they can sense your tone. When you talk in an excited pitch or your "doggy voice" they can sense the enthusiasm and will get excited by it. Despite the day you're having, remain consistently upbeat, your pal will have an exceptional day just by the vibe you give off.

Lots Of Cuddle Time

Cuddle your dog every chance you get. Now, this shouldn't necessarily be a birthday thing to do, but you can never go wrong giving them extra cuddles on their birthday.


Birthday gift

Maybe you buy your dog toys often, or maybe you seldom do. Regardless of the way you choose to raise your dog, today is the one day each year that all of those "rules" go out the window and you spoil them!

On their birthday, some of you may take it over the top like me by giving them a new toy or item every few hours until you realize that you have more dog toys than home storage... And some of you may surprise them with that one toy they will play with all day and night-- Whichever choice you make, I'm sure your dog will be thrilled with their present(s).

You could also take this opportunity to buy your pal any necessities they may need. This year, along with toys, I purchased a new toothbrush, toothpaste, eye/paw wipes, shampoo, and a toy basket; Rocky was in his glory. 

Birthday Treats

Dog Celebrating Birthday

Birthday specific dog treats and cakes are becoming increasingly popular. Many pet stores are now carrying lines of specialty edibles for those special occasions. If you are particular about the type of treats you give your dog, some stores prepare them in-house with all natural ingredients, while other owners take it upon themselves to make them a special treat. Mixing up their treat with something new/different will be exciting to them.

If your pet suffers from food allergies and is on a special hypoallergenic diet, you can try giving them their dietary treats/kibble in a way they don't normally receive it. This will give the impression that it's a gift.

The choice is yours!

Sign up for the Raw Paws Birthday Club if you'd like a special treat sent to you at the time of your pets birthday.

Pamper Your Pal

Who doesn't love being pampered on their birthday?! It's the perfect day for a puppy spa day! Get their fur groomed, nails trimmed, teeth brushed, body bathed, and outfit prepared! Your dog will enjoy their day feeling like a million bucks.

Capture The Moment

Take pictures of your pal, whether it's with your phone's camera, handheld camera, or by a professional pet photographer. Sometimes we are so busy with life that we forget to stop and capture moments, so be sure to do so today! Break out the backdrop, silly outfits, birthday treats, and capture it all! It will surely bring a smile to your face whenever you decide to look back on the photos.

dog's birthday

Get Crafty

If you have a creative side, why not make your pet something? You could knit or sew together a toy, blanket, clothing, etc... Build something if you're handy; a dog house, a pet ramp or stairs, a riser for their food bowl, etc.. Or even get crafty and make a picture frame or photo magnet to display that birthday photoshoot you had! The options are endless. Check out Pinterest for some fabulous DIY ideas.

Be Generous

Spend some time thinking about how much you love your dog, how well you treat them, and how happy you are to have them in your life.

Now, take some time to think of all the pets in shelters and foster care who don't have that same love given to them each day. Consider donating (no matter the amount) in your dog's name or in honor of your dog. This could be monetary, with your time, or a toy/food donation to your local Humane Society. All dogs live to love and be loved, so for those less fortunate, this is an admirable way to show them that someone cares. 

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