Top 10 Gifts To Get Your Dog This Christmas

This holiday season, why not spoil your dog with the latest and greatest toys and supplies on the market. Of course dog products can be quite pricey, so here at Rocky's Journal, we like to incorporate the necessities into our holiday gift-giving. We purchase the items we need to stock up on, with a few added bonuses (toys) to enhance the excitement of Christmas day.

We've compiled a list of the top available products for dogs — gift suggestions for when you're out of ideas. Happy Shopping! 

1. Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo dog cam is a great gift idea for both you and your dog(s). While you're out of the house, you'll be able to keep a close eye on them and even communicate via the two-way microphone. The bark alert will let you know if something is going on at home, and the treat tosser will keep your dog content until you arrive home for dinner time. 

Read our Furbo Dog Camera Product Review for more information. This is a product we can't live without!

2. A Monthly Gift Box Subscription

Two popular companies that offer a monthly gift box subscription for dogs are BarkBox and Woof Pack.

When you register for an account on either site, you will fill out some details about your dog(s), select the frequency of the packages, and the price plan. Based on the information you provide, they will customize a gift box for your dog and mail it directly to your home; in some cases, free of charge.

Barkbox is an American company that ships to both the USA and Canada.

Woof Pack is a Canadian company that prides themselves on using all-natural Canadian Treats. They ship to both Canada and the USA.

3. Christmas Themed Clothing/Accessories

Tis' the season to dress your dog up cute! If you're entertaining for the holidays, taking Santa Photos, or just in the holiday spirit, buy your dog a cute Christmas sweater and let them bask in the festivities!

Dog Christmas Sweater

4. A Stuffed Stocking

Many pet owners spoil their pets around the holidays and often buy them gifts as they would any member of their family. A great idea would be to buy them a stocking that you can fill, or purchase a pre-filled stocking for their enjoyment.

5. A New Bed

Has your dog worn out or outgrown their bed? Maybe it's time to treat your dog to a new comfy sleeping surface. Make this season warm and cozy for your dog with the gift of a new bed.

6. Winter Wear

The winter months can become quite chilly, so why not spoil your dog with some new winter attire this Christmas? Get them a new jacket, a warm sweater, or a pair of boots to keep them warm and protected on those cold outdoor walks.

Check out our articles: 8 Important Winter Safety Tips for Dogs and Winter Coats For Dogs - Are They Necessary? for more information.

7. New Toys

When in doubt, buy a toy! Or two if your dog is destructive like mine! Visit your local pet store or check out the plethora of toys available on Amazon that will ship right to your door. 

8. A Blanket To Cuddle Up In

If your dog is anything like Rocky, he will always find a way to make himself at home under the sheets! Last Christmas, I bought him a super soft blanket that he finds his way to each night. Give the gift of comfort!

9. Treats!

I'm not sure I've ever encountered a dog who doesn't love treats. Find a healthy/holistic treat that your dog will enjoy; it's the perfect gift for any occasion. I give Rocky Tom & Sawyer natural, limited ingredient treats. He goes crazy for them.

Check out our Tom & Sawyer Pet Food Review for more information on their brand and use coupon code: PAN38140 at checkout for 20% off of your first purchase. You won't regret it!

10. Necessities 

Now is as good a time as any to stock up on what your dog needs. This could be toiletry items such as shampoo, nail clippers, a new toothbrush, or toothpaste. Perhaps you've meant to buy a seat belt for the car, a new harness, poop bags, new food/water bowls, etc. The options are endless, get them what is needed this Christmas! 

For ideas on how to celebrate Christmas with your dog, check out our article Celebrating Christmas With Your Dog.

What are your favourite Christmas gifts that you get your dog?

Comment below to let us know how you make their Christmas special. We'd love to hear from you! 

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