Tags For Hope ID Tag Review

Tags For Hope is a North American made pet ID tag that not only employs a purpose, but also a mission. Founded in 2013 by two brothers who share a love for dogs and cats, Tags For Hope was created. But this isn't just any ID Tag, proceeds from each purchase go towards pets in need. You're not just buying a product, you're also helping a great cause.

ID tags are a must for any dog. Standard tags will show the dogs name and owners contact number/information. Tags For Hope goes one step further and provides crucial information that anyone who comes into contact with your dog should know. 

The Visual Aspect

This has got to be the best looking pet ID tag on the market. How cool is it that every tag is specific to whichever State/Province/country you reside in. You also have the option to order a wallet card that matches your animals tag.

The front of the tag/card will list your dog's name, hair colour, eye colour, sex, breed, birthdate, and your contact information. On the back you can write anything you may like to share about your dog, i.e. any medication they are on or which vet clinic they belong to. This section is especially great for dogs like Rocky who have conditions that should be made aware.

The Added Perks
  • Visually appealing ID Tag for your dog to wear on their collar
  • Completely customizable
  • Durable product
  • Emergency information posted on back of tag
  • Proceeds from each tag goes towards helping animals in need
  • Lightweight & silent design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Complimentary lost & found services 
  • Great pricing
  • Free Shipping
  • All the compliments you'll receive! 
Quality Of The Product

I ordered Rocky's first tag back in 2015 and was incredibly impressed by the product I received. I also receive compliments on it everywhere we go. The tag came exactly as pictured; it was thin and laminated. Upon moving in 2017, I ordered a new ID tag with updated information, and I have to say, the quality (which I was already fond of), was made better this time around. It's easy to see that Tags For Hope keeps trying to better their product as they progress; thumbs up to that!

Not only are the tags visually appealing, but they are also incredibly durable and weatherproof. The tag can take a beating and still remain in tact. 

Product Specifications

The ID tag for small dogs/cats measures: 1.6" length by 1.2" width (4.0 cm x 3.1cm) and for larger dogs 13kg & up: 1.8" length x 1.4" width (4.5 cm x 3.6 cm). You can order your tag to be displayed horizontally or vertically. 

The wallet card measures: 3.4" length x 2.1" width (8.6cm x 5.4cm). The same size as a credit card.

Complimentary Lost & Found Services

When you purchase an ID tag or wallet card you are automatically given an ID number, which is displayed on the back of your tag/card. This number will grant you access to the Tags For Hope lost & found services. As much as we fear the possibility of our fur babies being lost or stolen, we have comfort in knowing that Tags For Hope is there for us should we need them. 

On their website, under the "Lost & Found" tab, you will see the 'lost pet alert' box, pictured below. Once you submit your tags ID number, you will be given access to their lost and found tools. It's then that you'll be able to print complimentary posters that include all necessary information/a picture of your pal, receive an alert if your pet is found, and an action plan to finding your pet as quickly as possible. This service is completely free.

The Wallet Card

This is an especially great item to have; matching exactly what is shown on your pets ID tag. Keeping the card on you at all times will give you access to any medical information you may need, emergency numbers, or their microchip number should they be chipped. You never know when this important information will be needed. It's also great for proof of ownership.

How To Create Your Tag

The tag builder is a very straightforward and an easy to use online application. While inputting all of the necessary information, you can view your product simultaneously. And what you see on the screen, is exactly what is shipped out to you. 

Since our original post, Tags For Hope has updated their online tag builder. There are now more options to sift through when building your tag, and even more layouts to choose from. They just keep getting better and better! We've included updated tag builder photos below:

The Final Product

Tags For Hope offers a life-time warranty that's included with every order. As stated on their website, if your tag gets damaged, chewed or heavily scratched, they will send you a new one free of charge. Talk about impressive!

What are you waiting for? Click the image below to order yours today! 

Overall Opinion

Highly Recommended and Rocky Approved!

Very pleased to find that the imaging on the tag/wallet card, despite size, is crystal clear. All information is very easy to read and the durability of the product is excellent.

Rocky has been wearing his ID tag for years now, the only reason for a replacement was due to address change. He has worn his tag in all conditions, and it still looks brand new. The quality of a product speaks volumes of the company putting them on the market. This is an all around win!

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Rose Rivera - January 16, 2019

I want to thank you guys- my little Bogle ( beagle- boxer mix ) is a great escape artist – he got away from me once – 20 mins later a neighbor called – he couldn’t catch him but was able to see my phone number on tag – and I was able to jump in my truck and get to my baby before something happened to him – thanks Tags for Hope – customer service is amazing- my two pups have tags – they are both extremely strong and lost their tags – you folks sent me replacements- no hassle no fuss! Thanks – keep up the amazing work!!!

    sirgliofrei - October 5, 2019

    Simply wanna say that this is very useful, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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