PupSocks Pet Socks Product Review

As I'm sure you're aware, custom socks, in particular, pet socks, have become increasingly popular as of late. And with many companies jumping on the custom sock bandwagon it can be hard to find the right 'fit.' After noticing several ads for custom pet socks flooding my social media, I decided to go with "PupSocks." I based my decision on the quality of their website (after all, they are an online shop), the visual product, customer reviews, and most importantly, that a portion of the cost would be donated to help animals in need. Who doesn't love shopping for a cause?

So after ordering not one, but three pairs of socks and wearing/washing them regularly, I feel as though I am able to provide an honest review based on my experience. 

Product Description

Pupsocks are customizable photo socks. On gopupsocks.com, you can upload your favourite photos (pet or human) to be printed onto a pair of socks. They can be customized by selecting which colour and background you desire, or by adding an extra face into the mix. They come in a variety of colours and sizes, with each season bringing an array of holiday collections.

Since entering the world of custom socks, PupSocks has expanded to include mugs, blankets, and tote bags. It's a one-stop shop for your customization needs.

Product Quality

I was quite surprised by the quality of these socks. I have to admit, I expected a good product, but I didn't expect them to turn out as great as they did. I submitted a high-resolution photo and that's exactly what I received on the sock, the picture quality is crystal clear. So when building your socks, make sure your picture attributes are as sharp as possible.

Since receiving my socks I have worn and washed them six times and I have to say, they are just as great as the day I recieved them with the exception of slight wear on the heals.

** These socks are incredibly warm, so be sure to consider that if you have naturally warm feet. They are great for colder months.


60% Polyester, 10% Acrylic, 25% Nylon, 5% Spandex


These are high cut socks with a variety of sizing options. They come in:

  • XS (Kids Youth 1-5)
  • S (Women's 4-8)
  • M (Women's 9-11 / Men's 7-9)
  • L (Women's 11+ / Men's 10-13)

** I purchased a size small as I usually wear a women's size 8 and found them to be a tad snug. They fit well, but the material was a little stretched, causing the image to slightly expand. I recommend that if your shoe size falls on the cusp of the larger size, go one size up for comfort and a better visual.


Standard pricing for a pair of PupSocks is $34.95USD. I purchased mine for $29.95USD and often see similar sales available online. If you opt into the PupSocks newsletter, promo codes, when available, will be sent to you.

A big plus is the cost of shipping. I ordered these socks to Canada, and unlike the ridiculous shipping fee's I've paid elsewhere in the past, I only paid $4.71USD to have these socks shipped with a tracking code. The only downside is their shipping partner; RR Donnelley. There are a plethora of negative reviews online all regarding shipping slowness and lack of parcel communication. I unfortunately encountered this with each of my packages.

Creating Your Socks

The website is extremely user-friendly, the sock customization process is simple and time effective.

When on the main page (gopupsocks.com) hover over the "Shop" tab. It's there that you will select your desired product. Once selected, choose which item you want to customize. For the below tutorial, I have selected "Custom PupSocks."

Follow the pictured steps below to see the creation process:

In the picture below, I have added in all of my customization preferences:

Once finished with your selections, add your product to the cart. You will then begin the checkout process. Double check your preferences, and continue on to the payment page:

On the final page you will select your payment method: Credit card, debit, or paypal. The total cost with tax and shipping will be shown once you insert your delivery address. Any promo codes you may have will be entered on this page. 

Please note: The cost reflected in this sample is from the "Dec2018" promo period. 

Customer Service

This is where the company shines; I can't say enough about how pleasant and efficient their support team is.

I ordered two pairs of PupSocks to be shipped to Canada. After a delay in delivery and minimal updates from RR Donnelley, I emailed the support team to inquire about my package. I explained that I had purchased the socks as a gift and was concerned they wouldn't arrive on time. After looking into my shipment details, PupSocks informed me that my socks were stuck at the Canadian border. They went above and beyond by reshipping a new order at no charge. They contacted me not long after to ensure I received the socks. When I explained that there was local a postal strike and I likely wouldn't receive my order on time, PupSocks refunded me 50% of the cost.

Their responses were immediate, and they did everything they possibly could to ensure that I received my order on time.

Socks With A Purpose

Based in Atlanta, GA, Pupsocks has partnered with two local organizations: Ahimsa House and Atlanta Humane Society.

Ahimsa House helps animal and human victims of domestic violence reach safety together.

Atlanta Humane Society is a pet adoption center, vet center, and educational program provider.

Overall Opinion

Recommended and Human Approved

I can't say enough about this product. I am impressed by the quality and more so with the customer service interactions I had experienced. I have enjoyed my socks so much that I decided to purchase another pair. They are great for personal use but also as a gift option. They have been incredibly well received.

I decided to rate PupSocks a 4 out of 5 solely due to the shipping company they partner with; RR Donnelley. The amount of negative reviews they have online is alarming, I'm surprised PupSocks hasn't changed their shipping partner yet. I have placed two separate orders through Pupsocks and both took just over 4 weeks to arrive with minimal communication from the shipping partner. I'm not sure what shipping is like in the United States, but if you are ordering to Canada, I suggest giving yourself at least 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

Please feel free to share your shipping experiences in the comment section below. 


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